Friday, August 3, 2018

8 Ideas to Maximize Space with Your Kitchen Remodel

  • Are you remodeling a kitchen? 
  • Do you need space-saving ideas? 
  • Do you want to make sure your kitchen remodel in Ann Arbor uses your space efficiently? 
  • Looking for ideas from professional designers to maximize the space in your kitchen?

Small or large, your kitchen can feel incredibly tiny if the space isn’t laid out and used well. If this sounds like you, a kitchen remodel in Ann Arbor is definitely a smart choice. At Alpha Design + Build, our designers will be able to work with you to create unique and space-maximizing solutions in your new kitchen. For inspiration, you can check out some of the best space saving ideas to get an idea of what you want in your dream kitchen.

  1. Write out what works and what doesn’t in your kitchen so you don’t have to try and remember everything while working with a designer. 
  2. Although it may cost you a little counter space, consider floor-to-ceiling cabinets. You’ll get a ton of storage space which helps keep your counters clear. 
  3. Hang a rack for pots and pans to keep these bulky items out of the cabinet and get more storage space for other items that don’t look as nice suspended from the ceiling. 
  4. Use hooks to store items like coffee mugs below cabinets and measuring cups, spoons, and lids on the inside of cabinets. 
  5. Install magnetic strips for knife and spice storage and get that chunky knife block and spice rack off the counter. 
  6. Use drawer organizers to keep storage spaces operating efficiently rather than ending up with a room full of junk drawers. 
  7. Instead of living with unusable space at the back of your cupboards, use pull-out drawers that are easier to organize and make everything more accessible. 
  8. For corner cabinets, install a lazy Susan which rotates to give access to all the cabinet’s contents. 

Our design process helps maximize space with your kitchen remodel in Ann Arbor.

A functional space is one of the most important features in a kitchen, but that looks different for everyone. To assure we maximize your space in a way that works for you, we’ve tailored our design process to put the customer first. Check out a few of the key features of our process below.

  • Passionate designers explore the latest trends and know the classics. No matter your organization preferences, they’ll have the right solutions for you. 
  • Designers present options for layouts and custom storage so you’re not pressured to go along with a single design. 
  • There’s no cookie cutter in our toolbox: we listen to you and deliver a uniquely functional space.
  • Computer aided design allows you to experience your space virtually and get a feel for flow and function. 
  • With our showroom, you will have a hands-on experience with a variety of space-saving solutions. 
  • Designers always work with a set budget and provide an estimate they know they can stick to!

Get ready to say goodbye to a kitchen that feels too small and unorganized. But be ready to say hello to a new kitchen that feels bigger and better when you call Alpha Design & Build. With a design process that puts you first, you can trust us to plan the perfect space for your home. Learn more!

Monday, July 23, 2018

How to Add Style When You Remodel Your Kitchen

  • Remodeling your kitchen in Ann Arbor and but not sure how to add style?
  • Undecided when it comes to a new style for kitchen remodel? 
  • Want tips for infusing great style into your kitchen remodel?

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, chances are you’re not happy with the current style. To make sure you end up with a kitchen style you love, you need to find a way to communicate to your designer what you like. A great way to figure that out is by browsing styles and narrowing things down to one or two looks to focus on. This way you’ll end up with a completely unique design that you adore. For inspiration, check out a few descriptions of popular styles below.

  • Country: farmhouse furnishings and colors like soft white, pale blue, and barn red create a cozy look. 
  • Modern: clean lines, sleek surfaces, wood accents, and mid-century seating are staples. 
  • Eclectic: a bold color or two highlighted by whimsical and retro furnishings, high-end appliances and flea-market finds. 
  • Contemporary: a family-friendly space to entertain with an open layout, mix of traditional and modern accents, and gourmet cooking equipment.
  • Mediterranean: warm woods, copper pots, ornate moldings, and textured fabrics build a romantic atmosphere. 
  • Coastal: sleek tile floors, natural lighting, airy window treatments, and cool hues lend a vacation vibe.

How the Alpha Design & Build design process delivers style.

To assure we deliver on the style you want for your kitchen remodel in Ann Arbor, we’ve tailored our design process to maximize customer satisfaction. Check out a few of the key features of our process.

  • Designers explore hot style trends but are also well-versed in classic styles. 
  • You’ll have options for layouts, finishes, color palettes, etc., so there’s no pressure to go along with any single design. 
  • There’s no cookie cutter in our toolbox: it’s our mission to listen and deliver your unique style. 
  • Computer aided design allows you to walk through designs virtually. 
  • Our showroom provides the opportunity for a hands-on experience with materials and finishes. 
  • Your designer will work with a set budget in mind and provide an estimate they know they can stick to!

You don’t have to settle for a kitchen that lacks style. Start on the path to a better kitchen today when you call Alpha Design & Build. With a design process that puts you first, you can trust us to plan the perfect space for your home. Learn more!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

5 Color Trends for Kitchen Designs in 2018

Not sure how to choose a color scheme for your kitchen design in Ann Arbor? Need color trend ideas for your kitchen design and remodel? Want to make a bold color choice for your kitchen design, but not sure what direction to take?

Most of us know that having a lot of options can make it extremely difficult to actually make a choice. That’s probably what makes choosing colors for a new kitchen design in Ann Arbor so tricky: when it comes to color, you’re options are truly infinite. So how do you pick colors quickly and confidently? Start by browsing current color trends for kitchen designs and see if inspiration strikes!

  1. White: White continues to be, and will probably remain, a great option for your kitchen. The color features well on your cabinets and can be made a little cozier with a slightly warmer hue or adding an aged look. Clean white is also good for backsplashes and countertops, especially in small spaces that you want to feel lighter. 
  2. Gray: When it comes to overall popularity, gray is a close second to white for kitchen color. Gray blends nicely with almost any aesthetic from elegant, to industrial, to airy and natural. Like white, gray can be warmed up with a cozy hue, or be kept cool.  
  3. Black: Whether it’s your cabinet color, backsplash, fixtures, or appliances, black is a classic and bold choice that is on-trend this year. Going with a dark color for your cabinets is a big statement and may be best left for larger spaces or as a contrasting color on your island. Black fixtures, on the other hand, work in almost any kitchen. 
  4. Jewel: Navy, emerald, and plum are rich, luxurious choices that are currently gaining in popularity. Use a bold color like these on your cabinets for a major statement or keep it simple and focus on jewel-toned accents. 
  5. Wood: Natural wood tones are always a great choice to warm up a space, and the kitchen is no different. Butcher-block countertops are a beautiful and economical way to bring wood into the kitchen and hardwood floors are always a popular finish. For more durable flooring with the same aesthetic, consider wood-look porcelain tiles.   

Let the Experts in Kitchen Design in Ann Arbor Be Your Guide

Did any of these color trends strike a chord with you? Whether your color palette is trendy or classic, we’re ready to work with you to design and build the perfect space. Start a conversation with the experts at Alpha Design + Build and give us a call today!

Monday, June 18, 2018

6 Kitchen Design Ideas for a More Modern Space

Wondering how to bring a modern style into your kitchen design in Ann Arbor? Love modern design but not sure how it fits in the kitchen? Looking for kitchen design ideas that appeal to your modern aesthetic?

The popularity of the clean and sleek modern kitchen seems to be growing every year. The modern look can complement or contrast other styles or stand completely on its own when done right. If you’re considering a more modern style for your kitchen design in Ann Arbor, take a look at our list of ideas to help you decide exactly how modern you want to go!

  1. Flat Front Cabinets: Although the shaker style may continue to dominate in popularity, flat front cabinets are a great choice for a modern look. They’re great with or without pulls, in natural wood, or painted. 
  2. Monochromatic: Simplify the aesthetic of the room with a single color or color family. White, black, and gray seem epitomize the modern look, but an accent color or wood tones are a good addition to break things up a little.
  3. Streamlined Countertop: Extend the line of your countertop with a waterfall edge, single piece backsplashes, and a sink in the same material. You can get this look with a variety of materials including quartz and concrete. 
  4. Single-Level Island: The cleaner, uncomplicated look of a single-level island is definitely the better option for a modern kitchen style, and is the trendier choice of 2018 in general. 
  5. Open Layout: Open floor plans are definitely the more popular layout for homeowners and work well with a modern kitchen design in Ann Arbor, particularly when you have continuous flooring and color schemes throughout the entire area. 
  6. Storage: Storage solutions are always a top priority in kitchen design regardless of style or aesthetic. But when you’re going with a modern style, having a space for everything really adds to the design. Consider storage solutions like appliance garages, rollout trays, pullout spice racks, and extra-deep drawers.  

Let the Experts Give You the Modern Kitchen Design of Your Dreams

If any of these design ideas strike struck your fancy, you definitely have a modern style. Whether you decide to go all out with your modern design or have a more eclectic goal in mind, we’re ready to work with you to design and build the perfect space. Start a conversation with the experts at Alpha Design and Build and give us a call today!

Monday, May 21, 2018

3 Ways to Design an Amazing Bathroom Remodel

Looking for ways to transform your bathroom fast?

Need a bathroom remodel in Ann Arbor like yesterday? 

Want ideas to help you dive into a bathroom remodel?

A bathroom transformation is one of the smartest moves you can make to improve the value of your home. But when you’re hoping to make a significant change, getting started can be the most difficult step. To help fuel your inspiration, we put together a list of three approaches to designing an amazing bathroom remodel in Ann Arbor! Simply start your design by focusing on one of these three areas, and let the magic happen.

1. Luxury Details

Build your design ideas around luxury details you don’t want to live without. Maybe you’d like to never step foot out of the shower onto an icy cold floor again. If that’s you, start designing your bathroom around flooring with built-in heating to keep your toes toasty. Or perhaps you’ve been dreaming of an extra-large soaker tub. Pick out a style and imagine the rest of your design from there.

2. Function

If lack of function is the main driver for your bathroom remodel in Ann Arbor, improving function is a great place to focus your design ideas. Maybe you need an upgrade from a single to a double vanity with custom cabinetry for amazing storage solutions. Or perhaps you’d get more use out of a separated tub and stall shower than your current outdated situation. Think about the updates that will make the biggest improvements in function to your bathroom to jumpstart a plan for a stunning design.

3. Easy Clean

Everyone loves a clean bathroom; but some of us know a poor design can you leave you with a nightmare to clean! Maybe you are tired of scrubbing the grout between your tiny 70s-style tiles. Opt for large modern tiles, even stone slabs, or attractive vinyl solutions for an easy clean. Or perhaps you can’t stand the gunk stuck in the tracks of your shower door and would prefer a design with a built-in partition instead. Features that make a bathroom easy to clean are great starting points for an amazing design.

Trust Your Bathroom Remodel in Ann Arbor to Alpha Design and Build

Get to work on any one of these design ideas today and prepare for your bathroom space to transform! To get the professional touch for your bathroom remodel in Ann Arbor, reach out to the experts at Alpha Design and Build. With over 20 years of experience, we are ready to help make your house the home of your dreams.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

7 of the Best Design Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

Are you dying to remodel your bathroom in Ann Arbor but need some amazing ideas to get started? Want to dig into a major bathroom remodel with a few ideas for stunning upgrades? Know your bathroom needs improvement but don’t know where to begin?

The bathroom is a great place to focus your remodel budget and energy. You can make a big impact on the space and increase the value of your home significantly. But it’s not always easy to get started, especially if you know your bathroom needs a major change. As experts in building and design, we’ve put together a list of some of the best design ideas to help you get started with a plan for your bathroom remodel in Ann Arbor.
  1. Replace Your Outdated Tub: if your old tub in an eyesore, an upgrade in this area can completely transform your space. Whether you replace it with the large soaker tub of your dreams or an eye-catching shower with floor to ceiling tile, this is a great place to start your design.
  2. Natural Stone: you can choose something flashy or subdued with amazing design results when you choose natural stone like granite for any surface in your bathroom.
  3. Custom Cabinets: do more than the standard vanity with your bathroom remodel in Ann Arbor. Custom creations like tall cabinets, double sinks, and floating vanities will truly bring your space to life while adding storage and function.
  4. Open Shelving: adding shelves to an open wall gives you the opportunity to create a curated and functional display that works with any design aesthetic from shabby chic to mid-century modern.
  5. Shower Door: be creative with your choice for a shower enclosure and avoid the dreaded gunk trap of track doors. A built-in partition or clip-mounted door are great options for an easier clean and great look.
  6. Accentuate Your Windows: make the view to the outside a focal point in the room by adding a window, or bringing molding and window treatments to existing windows. Attracting the eye to a window can make the room feel larger and brighter.
  7. Add a Bold Pattern: incorporate pattern into your tile work, your flooring, or a creative choice in wall paper to show off some design flare.
Trust Your Bathroom Remodel in Ann Arbor to Alpha Design + Build

These ideas will start you off strong in your bathroom remodel journey. Pick one or more features to begin planning your design today! For the professional touch to your bathroom remodel in Ann Arbor, reach out to the experts at Alpha Design and Build. With over 20 years of experience, we are ready to help make your house the home of your dreams.