Monday, September 24, 2018

5 Reasons It’s a Smart Time to Start a Remodeling Project

Not sure if it’s a smart choice to remodel your house in Ann Arbor?

Need to know more about tariffs and trade policies before you can decide if it’s a good time to remodel?

Waiting for a change in the market before you start a home improvement project?

Follow the news and you know there are new tariffs on imported products… a lot of them. But you may not have a good idea of how these new policies affect you. With prices going up on so many products, it might seem like a good time for a wait-and-see approach, but really the opposite is true! When you get good a look at the projected effects of tariffs, you’ll see that it’s a smart time to get started on your remodeling in Ann Arbor.

5 reasons why remodeling now is a smart choice.

  1. Tariffs: tariffs introduced by the current administration are already increasing the cost of materials necessary for construction and remodeling like steel, lumber, and aluminum. Prices will likely continue to go up and be passed to end-consumers like you. 
  2. More Tariffs: Americans are already responsible for new tariffs on billions of dollars of goods. But the current administration is considering even more tariffs which would likely affect the market and material costs for house remodeling in Ann Arbor. 
  3. Timeline Delays: with the cost of many imported materials going up, so goes demand on domestic products. It’s unlikely domestic sources will be able to keep up with demand, so eventually, the wait for materials will increase and the timeline for your project will be extended. 
  4. Borrowing Rates: if you’re planning on financing your house remodel, rates are still low compared to the past 10 years. With increasing costs and changes to the economy because of tariffs and trade policies, rates are likely to increase. 
  5. The rate of Construction: despite cost increases, construction projects continue at a steady rate which means it’s still a good environment to start your own project. Eventually, contractors will have to pass costs onto end-consumers, but you can still get ahead of that increase today! 

Get in touch with Alpha Design + Build today and get ahead of price increases. 

There’s no way to accurately predict the impact that tariffs and trade policies will have on construction and remodeling costs, but we know that we haven’t seen the full story yet. If you’re getting serious about a house remodeling project in Ann Arbor, it’s a smart time to make your move. Get in touch with Alpha Design + Build today to start planning your dream space.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

5 Unique Design Ideas for Details in Your Kitchen Renovation

  • Want design ideas that will give your Ann Arbor kitchen renovation a real punch? 
  • Are you finding classic design ideas for your kitchen a little uninspiring? 
  • Looking to make your kitchen design more unique but not sure where to start?

The kitchen is familiar and comfortable to most of us, so it might seem pretty simple as far as design goes. The truth is there are countless details that go into your kitchen renovation. Each of these details is an opportunity to bring some uniqueness to your design and get a kitchen that makes a real statement! Check out a few of our unique design ideas for the details in your kitchen to get some inspiration.

How you can bring unique design details to your kitchen renovation in Ann Arbor.
  1. Retro Appliances: even if you’re a committed lover of modern design, it’s hard to deny the beauty of brightly colored, retro style appliances. When most kitchens feature sleek stainless steel, a large retro appliance or two is a true statement piece in a kitchen renovation. You can implement the retro style throughout your kitchen, go for an eclectic look, or keep the colors simple and lean towards a Euro style.
  2. Geometric Backsplash: instead of stacking subway tiles in a traditional brick-laying pattern, go for something more unique. A herringbone pattern with the same tiles ventures into unique territory. But a completely different tile shape like hexagon, arabesque, rhomboid, or even penny-round will put you solidly in the unique design zone. 
  3. Hardware: this category covers a lot of territory and can definitely put your kitchen design over the edge. Consider cabinet pulls: simple designs are beautiful, but if you choose something unique, you can change the whole feeling of your kitchen renovation in Ann Arbor. Hardware also includes cabinet hinges, faucets, backplates, cabinet and drawer frames, and even outlet covers. 
  4. Stainless Steel Countertop: versatile, durable, and stylish, stainless steel on your countertops makes a unique statement in a kitchen renovation. If the look sounds too commercial for you, remember that stainless steel appliances look great in almost any kitchen. When you pair this counter top with the right cabinetry, it’s a unique look that just makes sense in the kitchen!
  5. Banquette Seating: if you have the room, adding seating in the kitchen is always a great option. These days, most people opt for a kitchen table or bar seating. But who doesn’t swoon over the idea of a breakfast nook? The banquette itself will be a unique characteristic in your kitchen renovation design. Easily bring the banquette’s style out of the 60s with a fresh layout and fabrics. 
Trust the details of your unique kitchen renovation to Alpha Design + Build.

You’re only a phone call away from a unique design for your kitchen renovation in Ann Arbor! If one of these ideas provided inspiration for your space, our designers are ready to meet the challenge and help your kitchen stand out from the crowd. With a passionate focus on the design process and getting all the details right, our team will deliver stunning results to make you smile. By putting the customer’s concerns and desires at the center of our process, we can create amazing results time after time.

If you’re ready to talk about your kitchen design with the pros, email or give us a call today! Your dream home starts with Alpha Design + Build.