Monday, July 23, 2018

How to Add Style When You Remodel Your Kitchen

  • Remodeling your kitchen in Ann Arbor and but not sure how to add style?
  • Undecided when it comes to a new style for kitchen remodel? 
  • Want tips for infusing great style into your kitchen remodel?

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, chances are you’re not happy with the current style. To make sure you end up with a kitchen style you love, you need to find a way to communicate to your designer what you like. A great way to figure that out is by browsing styles and narrowing things down to one or two looks to focus on. This way you’ll end up with a completely unique design that you adore. For inspiration, check out a few descriptions of popular styles below.

  • Country: farmhouse furnishings and colors like soft white, pale blue, and barn red create a cozy look. 
  • Modern: clean lines, sleek surfaces, wood accents, and mid-century seating are staples. 
  • Eclectic: a bold color or two highlighted by whimsical and retro furnishings, high-end appliances and flea-market finds. 
  • Contemporary: a family-friendly space to entertain with an open layout, mix of traditional and modern accents, and gourmet cooking equipment.
  • Mediterranean: warm woods, copper pots, ornate moldings, and textured fabrics build a romantic atmosphere. 
  • Coastal: sleek tile floors, natural lighting, airy window treatments, and cool hues lend a vacation vibe.

How the Alpha Design & Build design process delivers style.

To assure we deliver on the style you want for your kitchen remodel in Ann Arbor, we’ve tailored our design process to maximize customer satisfaction. Check out a few of the key features of our process.

  • Designers explore hot style trends but are also well-versed in classic styles. 
  • You’ll have options for layouts, finishes, color palettes, etc., so there’s no pressure to go along with any single design. 
  • There’s no cookie cutter in our toolbox: it’s our mission to listen and deliver your unique style. 
  • Computer aided design allows you to walk through designs virtually. 
  • Our showroom provides the opportunity for a hands-on experience with materials and finishes. 
  • Your designer will work with a set budget in mind and provide an estimate they know they can stick to!

You don’t have to settle for a kitchen that lacks style. Start on the path to a better kitchen today when you call Alpha Design & Build. With a design process that puts you first, you can trust us to plan the perfect space for your home. Learn more!