Friday, November 16, 2018

How Recessed Fixtures and Storage Add Function to Your Bathroom Remodel

Are you looking for unique storage ideas for your bath remodel in Ann Arbor? Remodeling a bathroom that’s short on space? Want to know how recessed fixtures can work in your design for a bathroom remodel?

Many bathrooms don’t have a lot of square-footage but still need to hold quite a bit of stuff. A great way to solve the problem of fitting a lot into tight quarters is recessed fixtures and storage solutions. When you hear the word recessed, you might just think about lighting; but there are so many more options for your bathroom remodel!

  1.  Lighting: we’ll start with the obvious! Recessed lights are a great way to bring more brightness to a bathroom remodel without having to worry so much about coordinating serval different fixtures or possibly taking up valuable wall and counter space. 
  2. Cabinets: the most common type of recessed cabinets in the bathroom are medicine cabinets, but you don’t have to stop there. You can add recessed cabinetry to several areas in the bath to boost storage without losing any space. 
  3. Toilets: recessed or tank-less toilets add a modern look to your bath, save space, and are less costly now than when they first came out as an option. 
  4. Shelving: create a high-end custom look while adding storage or display space with recessed shelving. 
  5. Other Fixtures: everything from shower shelves, toilet paper holders, faucets, and soap trays can be built right into your walls. Some looks have more of a vintage flare while others are distinctly modern, but they all help save space in your bathroom remodel. 

Your dream space-saving bathroom remodel can be a reality with Alpha Design + Build 

With so many design options for saving space in your bathroom with recessed fixtures, you’ll hardly recognize your new room. If you’re ready to take the next step and talk design with the experts, contact us at Alpha Design + Build. With an eye for details and design, our team is ready to help you plan the perfect space.

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