Friday, March 22, 2019

Is Your Entertaining Space at Home Cramping Your Style?

Are you considering a remodeling project to improve your home?

If you’re looking for ideas about how to reshape your home for parties and social occasions, we’ve put together several ways you can have the perfect space for entertaining friends and loved ones.

  •  Open Kitchens - Many older homes are designed with tight, small spaces, including the kitchen. A good designer can find a way to take out walls to make more room, all while sticking to your budget. At Alpha Design + Build, our designers have the eye and experience to look at small spaces and figure out how best to utilize every inch of the space efficiently. We can help make even the smallest kitchens feel large and welcoming! 
  • Multi-purpose Rooms - Media rooms, dens, or bonus spaces, once popular in the 90s, are coming back into style Now, they’re being used for more than just big-screen TVs and lounge chairs. Today, you can utilize a multi-purpose rooms for everything from family game night and movie night, to just a night in relaxing with friends. 

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Trust Our Team of Remodeling Contractors in Ann Arbor 

 Our design team has the knowledge and expertise to help you, and our remodeling contractors in Ann Arbor have the skills to get the job done. Contact us today to set up a consultation, and start creating your dream home.

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