Friday, July 19, 2019

Adding on to Your Home? Which Addition Style is Right for You?

If you’re considering adding on to your home, you need to consider which type of addition you want to tackle.

Depending on the size of your current home, the size of the land your home sits on, and how you want to use the space, you might consider a “bump out”, an addition that juts off the side or back of your home, or “building up”, adding a second or even third floor to your home.

 A custom addition adds square footage and value to your home. It can be anything you want - a sunroom (or “Florida room”), a bonus rec room, or an extra living space. Additions are built for many reasons - as your family grows, so does your need for extra space. Perhaps you’ve taken the steps to become a business owner and now you need a place to work from home, or maybe you want to expand your kitchen or dining room.

The possibilities are endless! There are a few steps you should take first to ensure the process goes as smooth as possible.

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