Friday, May 1, 2020

Why You Should Tackle Home Remodeling Before Moving

Have you recently purchased a home? Is it move-in ready, or a fixer upper?

Are you building from scratch?

It seems like owning a home automatically means adding home remodeling projects to your to-do list, whether you do them now, or five years from now.

If time and budget allows it, you should consider adding personal touches to your dream home before you move in. An empty home with no furniture is easiest to paint, install new flooring, or tear down a few walls.

Moving can be stressful enough – make it less complicated when you hire Alpha Design + Build to help you remodel your new Ann Arbor home!

Make Your Home Remodeling Project a Breeze

Along with our training and experience, we can lend you a fresh set of eyes. We're experts at space planning and in almost every case, we really can improve your layout by:

  • Opening closed-off living spaces and relating them across your whole home
  • Reclaiming awkward or unused rooms
  • Creating a ground-floor master suite
  • Turning a porch space into year-round living space

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