Sunday, November 1, 2020

How Expensive Are Spa Add-Ons?

Do you want to redo your main or first floor bathroom?

Do you want to upgrade your fixtures and create a spa-like oasis?

A luxurious bathroom with the most up-to-date technologies and fixtures is within your reach!

The word “spa” can mean different things to different homeowners. It can mean having a jacuzzi tub or steam room installed, or even a sauna. It can also include a lounge chair, and a large shower with high-tech additions like LED lights and music capabilities.

A typical small bath remodel could cost $20,000 or more. Depending on the cost of your fixtures, cabinets, demolition, complexity of plumbing/electrical/layout, etc… a more advanced, spa-like remodel could cost twice or even three times that. However, the 2020 Cost vs Value Report indicates an upscale bathroom remodel in Ann Arbor typically recoups over 37% of its cost making it one of the better remodeling investments.

To read more about the cost of a spa-like bathroom remodel vs. a traditional remodel, visit our website!

Baths Designed for Lasting Use and Aesthetic Delight

A well-designed bath that is comfortable for users of many sizes and abilities can also be the loveliest bath on the block. We work with materials from the indulgent to the budget-conscious to create baths our clients will love for years.

We'll work together to identify current trends that will enhance your lifestyle and resale value, and also your long-term needs. Floating vanities and toilets are not only trending and gorgeous, but much easier for cleaning around and under. Walk-in showers are chic, but also great as we age. Will you require the timeless and classic look of marble or the durability of quartz and porcelain?

Our experience and attention to detail will ensure your bathroom will be a calming and organized oasis. You begin your busy day and wind down at bedtime in this often-neglected room. Let us inspire you to create your dream space! Contact us today!

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