Friday, July 16, 2021

Don’t Skimp on Your Kitchen Faucet!

When is the last time you seriously thought about your kitchen faucet? 

You likely use this fixture every day, but many of us use our faucets without giving them or their functionality much thought. 

A great kitchen sink and faucet can make a huge difference to the way your kitchen works, and this is yet another opportunity for surprising design! 


1) What goes on in your sink? You need a faucet that’s built to handle anything you throw at it. Are you using the sink for dishes nonstop? Are you using it primarily for food prep? Choose a handle, spout height, and sprayer that works the way you need them to.

2) What type of handle do you need? Between one handle faucets, two handle faucets, or hands-free faucets, you have a decision to make! The convenience of hands-free may be tempting if you’re particularly hands on in the kitchen. Traditional two-handle faucets may be more your style. 

3) How many holes are in your sink? Confused? You may have never noticed how many holes are in your sink counter, but it’s important to know before you buy! What looks like handles and spouts on the outside can turn out to be something else entirely under the sink. One-hole faucets offer a clean and simple look, but two- or three-hole sink counters are more common. (Ex: One hole for the spout, and another for a soap dispenser, or three holes – one for the spout, and a hole on each side, one for a cold water handle, and the other for a hot water handle)

Whatever faucet you choose, we can help! Read more about kitchen design on our website!

Whether your kitchen needs a new look, or you want to tear the walls down and start over, our interior designers can bring beauty and functionality into this key space. Maybe you’re looking for a low-maintenance flooring, upgraded countertops, or built-ins for added space. 

Many problems can be solved with the help of a new set of expert eyes. We’re great with tight spaces and can help you envision a place you’ll love and where memories are made. 

Contact us today to find out more!

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